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  1. Moral Evolution Through Uniting Science, Faith and Literature !

    Terrorism is the worse aspect of the intentions of those who are using religious teachings for worldly advantage and private interest. Instead of following religious teachings, they are internationally hiding their crimes against humanity in general, and trying to alter the definitions of faith, ethics and conscience. We know that “Religion is for man and not man for religion.” Humanity must be saved from both the horror of “terrorism” and the panic of so called “counter terrorism warfare.” Though the words expressing our religious beliefs may be different the meaning is the same for everyone.

    In these circumstances, power of wealth and military power are not great enough for any country, organization or group engaged in the mission to uproot the basis of terrorism. Here the entire world needs an intellectual power to counter the thoughts and views that create the basis of terrorism, religious fanaticism and religious conflicts that separate the life of mankind. We will have to explore beyond our inherited system of thoughts to uproot the basis of terrorism, without any violence and within a very small budget.

    This article is a request for the world literate community and members of the ‘Counter Terrorism Committee’ of the United Nations to approach World Leaders, leading religious thinkers and prominent intellectual figures to develop a unanimous resolution of all religious conflicts that are currently causing terrorism and war. To reach this essential and achievable goal they will have to unify all religious thinking into one universal idea which is in accord with scientific insight and the history of mankind on Earth. The conclusions of this universal system of thought will be expressed without disgracing the belief of any of humankind, and will be represented in literary form for academic purposes throughout the globe.

    There is no doubt that the greatest aspect of literature is that it enthralls our mind and spirit from childhood to the end of our lives. It is a major part of our intellectual heritage, as important as our scientific and technological heritage; it influences our system of thought and throws great light upon our genetic nature. It is the treasure house of human wisdom that guides our lives to whatever final home our religious or spiritual beliefs lead us.

    We must also understand that the potential of literature has been vastly underutilized and that this has led to a destructive path for humankind. Technology without the benefit of spirituality and literary thinking can lead us to a place of destruction rather than evolution. We can turn this tide in our favor by realizing the potential of humankind to come together in peace and unity.

    There is a simple method available, in literate form, to address the complexities of this issue and support the “Counter Terrorism committee” of the United Nation. This literary form would help the world literate community to raise new hopes as well as develop novel aspirations in working toward a common citizenship of all peoples and faith based on social responsibility and solidarity. This is the greatest contemporary need and the most important issue of current times.

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